Here you can see my old experimental biplane project since 1977. Lot of things have happen during this time. But now I think to be ready to continue again this very interesting aircraft! Pictures below are 10 years old, so something have been done after that time. Please, let me know by contact if you have some questions to me. I will be very happy about that! Now there is engine up on fuselage and next I will plan to built 5 wings in wing-jig. I hope some fotos will come on these pages during building.

Engine: Continental/ Rolls Royce O-200 100hp

This project have been continued again 10/2019 and here down are couple of fotos what have been happen during this wintertime 2019-2020

Center section up wing
Tail section
drilling hole
Hole straightness
Control cables outlets
Elevator trim cable
Young boy
I was young when I started